The smoke from the heating vents worried us

When the two of us were at the theater the other day, there was a major issue with their HVAC system. I have never been in a crowded location before where there was an issue with smoke, and I entirely had no idea how various people would freak out because of the smoke! As soon as the smoke started pouring out of the heating vents in the ceiling, most people started to panic. People were pushing and shoving like ridiculous to try to get out of the building and I have never seen anything like it before. I personally did not entirely panic. I kind of just stood back and watched most people else with amazement. I mean, it’s not like the two of us were trapped or anything and I knew that even if the building was on fire, it wasn’t going to collapse instantly as soon as the two of us started seeing smoke. I figured it was safer to kneel back and watch than risk being trampled by a horde of scared people. It turned out that I was right after all, because there wasn’t even a fire. There was just an issue with the HVAC system in the theater. The theater is rather old, and apparently, so is their heating and cooling system. The outdated oil gas furnace that they have in the basement was having some troubles and somehow smoke got backed up and started coming in through the ventilation system! When the fire trucks got there, a commercial HVAC contractor also showed up. The manager of the theater got up on the phase and explained everything to us once most people had settled down. Needless to say, they canceled the show.

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