At least I have the blowing air for air circulation

My focus seemed to be elsewhere when the air conditioner in my automobile gave out on me last month.

I knew that I did not have the cash to put forth to repair it quite yet, however I’m a hardy individual and I figured that I could make it for a little longer without it.

That being said, it is early July, and this is hot and humid weather conditions, to be sure. Morning commutes were not terrible. I just cracked the windows, but part of why it wasn’t so excruciating is that I go to work when the sun still hasn’t quite come up. So, it’s somewhat cooler than it would be otherwise. Unfortunately, coming home during rush hour was another issue. Last week was overcast and windy. There was a little bit of rain, but not so much to dissuade me from cracking the windows for air. At one time, I was honestly missing my air conditioner on the drive home from work. As long as my automobile was moving, at least I had the blowing air for air circulation. Wouldn’t you know it though, I got stuck in traffic because of a major accident. I mean, this accident stalled the traffic and eventually stopped it for many hours. I kept time from the moment my automobile basically came to a standstill, so I knew how long I was there crawling along. With no air conditioner the home of my automobile honestly started to heat up. The thermostat read 99° outside. I did not have a water bottle or anything, so I was really starting to get a little anxious. Leaving the windows open offered precious little relief, but the fumes from the exhaust of the cars and trucks around me made it quite uncomfortable. I was so glad when traffic started moving again, however I was seriously covered in sweat and dehydrated. I’ll be getting our air conditioner fixed ASAP!

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