Heater maintenance for indoor comfort

My mom kept a heater maintenance checklist she got from the local heating technician.

  • Every month she would check on tasks that had to be done to keep her heat pump functional after she had to buy a new one because she neglected to keep it serviced.

She says that the debris that accumulated in the outer part of her heat pump installation damaged it, but I don’t understand how that happened. Anyway, she’s retired now and not as busy as she always was as a medic, so she has time to keep up with the heating industry practices of care, at least the ones she can do on her own. She even got a smart thermostat to help her alert the HVAC professional that she’s due for an assessment and servicing. I do not understand anything about the heating business, and every time mine goes off, I call mom like she’s a qualified heating dealer. But it’s because she knows more about heating than anyone I know, so she’ll always have helpful suggestions. She buys disposable filters from the local heating company. She changes them monthly without hiring help, improving air quality and ensuring that the heater does its best to help with indoor comfort. It’s not a surprise that since the new heating was installed, she hasn’t had any issues with whole home heating, even when we are all home for the holidays. Going during winter makes her happy because she gets help shoveling the snow away from the outdoor part of the heating system. We are almost done building our home, and I keep telling my husband that I will also have a checklist, and he can’t help but laugh because he knows I will forget the list and the maintenance together.
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