I saw 2 unique Heating and A/C techs get into a fight

Three weeks ago we got some current neighbors across the street.

This is a really quiet city, not several teenagers and not a lot of noise, which means that all the people pays keen attention when a current person arrives. The current neighbors seemed savor really nice people, a married couple. The wife was a writer who worked from home, and her fiance was an Heating and A/C tech who worked for a single of the local businesss! He provided myself and others a company card with his home number written on the back, in case I ever needed help in an emergency. I kept the card, just in case, despite the fact that I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to reach him since his Heating and A/C van seemed to be parked in front of the beach house every day. I wonder if the guy worked at all, because the Heating and A/C van was there so often… One day I realized something, and dug his company card out of my money clip. I saw that the logo of the Heating and A/C company on the card did not match the a single on the van. I started to do some snooping, and saw that once the Heating and A/C tech went to labor in the morning, another guy from another company came by his house. It turns out that his wife was having an affair with a person from a rival Heating and A/C company, and it turned into a really messy affair. At a single point the 2 rival Heating and A/C techs got into a fistfight in the middle of the street. I should have called the cops but instead I filmed it on my PC.



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