I saw two differet HVAC techs get into a fight

Three months ago all of us got some new neighbors across the street.

This is a easily quiet town, not many youngsters and not a lot of noise, which means that everyone pays keen attention when a new man arrives.

The new neighbors seemed adore entirely nice people, a married couple. The partner was a writer who worked from home, and his partner was an HVAC tech who worked for a single of the local suppliers… He gave myself and others a business card with his beach house number written on the back, in case I ever needed help in an emergency. I kept the card, just in case, but I knew it wouldn’t be hard to reach him since his HVAC van seemed to be parked in front of the beach house every afternoon. I wonder if the guy worked at all, because the HVAC van was there so often, and one afternoon I realized something, and dug his business card out of our wallet. I saw that the logo of the HVAC supplier on the card did not match the a single on the van. I started to do some snooping, and saw that once the HVAC tech went to work in the afternoon, another guy from another supplier came by his house. It turns out that his partner was having an affair with a guy from a rival HVAC supplier, and it turned into a easily messy affair… At a single point the two rival HVAC techs got into a fistconflict in the middle of the street. I should have called the cops however instead I filmed it on our phone.

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