No one told me I had to change the air filter.

When I moved into my home, no one told me I had to change the air filter.

I didn’t even know there was an air filter in the HVAC system.

I didn’t know where the furnace was, even if I did know about the air filter. I called my dad and told him the furnace wasn’t running properly. There was little heat coming out of the air vents, but the furnace was running all the time. He asked me if I was responsible for the HVAC system, or if the owner of the building took responsibility. I didn’t know, because there was nothing in the lease. I had already looked to see if that was in there. Dad came over to the house, and he was looking at the lease before he asked where the furnace was. I didn’t know. He grabbed my lease and called the housing manager. He told her about the furnace and said it needed repaired. There was something wrong. She asked if I had changed the air filter. Dad told her there was nothing in the lease about me being responsible for any part of the HVAC system. I didn’t even know where the furnace was. She told dad she would have the building maintenance tech come over and look at the furnace. Dad wanted to know if he was an HVAC technician, and she said no. he told her that if she didn’t call an HVAC technician, he was going to. Either way, they would pay the bill. She mumbling about me checking the air filter as dad was hanging up.



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