Sorting home temperature challenges with a smart thermostat

We hosted a Thanksgiving party two years ago, and I remember my friend casually turning to an app on her phone and saying she would turn down the heat in her home since she was staying over for a few days.

I was impressed that it could be that easy because we had been turning our heat pump off when we first got it, but during the last heater maintenance visit, the heating technician told us to stop doing that because it would damage it.

Jan was surprised we didn’t have a smart thermostat for our heat pump installation because hers was installed at the recommendation of the HVAC professional who installed it for her. That’s how our conversation turned to the developments in the heating industry, where it seemed most of us were using new heating technologies, but we were the only ones without the new thermostats. Another friend said he was old enough that it had learned his pattern and scheduled heating according to his movements, so he did very little to instruct it. As we shared more about heating trends and the growth of the heating business over the years, I knew we had to do better to make our whole home heating as efficient as possible. Once the festivities were over, we visited the heating company, where our heating dealer told us that we could install the right thermostat. It would save us from damaging our unit because it would easily take charge of the temperatures in our home. Now, we can travel for as long as we want without worrying about high energy bills, yet we are not home or damaging our heating system because we turned it on and off.

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