Subcontracting the best heating technician for rental apartments

Our client wanted to build five rental apartments without using traditional heating, so he asked us to help him find any new heating technologies in the heating industry that could be used for the houses. We are not heating experts, so we did what we always do when planning for whole home heating options, call the heating company for a heating technician. The HVAC professional joined us for a meeting with the client, where we all discussed more heating and how to ensure that all tenants had adequate help with indoor comfort. We settled for a heat pump installation with a smart thermostat addition because the tenants would be handling the energy bills and heater maintenance, and the landlord didn’t want to deal with numerous complaints. The houses were considered high value, which is why the heat pump was a smart addition to the homes because the target market for that type of housing would be ready to pay if they were well equipped with recent technologies. Since we work with the heating business on many projects, they offered to give us a discount for the units, saving us part of the budget. Two years since we worked on that house, and the heating dealer managing the tenant’s maintenance calls, it is still considered one of the best places to rent in the neighborhood. It also brought us more business because more renters wanted to build in similar designs, which has kept us and the HVAC company busy. The residential homeowners have started marketing their homes as energy efficient because the heating and other features were installed based on recent technological innovations.



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