There are better air filters than the cheapest ones on the market

I learned a tough lesson when I bought a bunch of cheap soap for bulk last year. I started going to a warehouse store to buy as many groceries in bulk that I could muster, but in the process I ended up making serious compromises on quality. It’s not a big deal when your breakfast cereal isn’t as tasty as the name brand, but it’s a problem when the alternative deodorant that you purchased gives you a rash under your arm. When you buy extra in bulk, that’s a lot of money wasted if you can’t make use of the product in any way. That’s what gives me caution when I can’t find a product that I know is of good quality before choosing an alternative. Is it worth it to keep a subscription with the warehouse store if they are constantly lacking the products that I want the most? I wonder sometimes if I would be better off getting rid of my warehouse store subscription and simply shop at other discount grocery stores without the option of buying in bulk. For instance, I was buying cheap air conditioner filters in bulk for years before learning that they barely even filter out dust in my indoor air. My HVAC technician told me that dust was coating my evaporator coil because the filters were inadequate at doing their job. That’s what finally pushed me to buy better air conditioner filters. Not only is my evaporator coil staying clean, my indoor air is also much cleaner and I notice fewer allergy symptoms. If you don’t use decent air conditioner filters, you’re going to notice your indoor air quality diminish.

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