Choose an HVAC expert

I spent part of an afternoon with an HVAC technician and it was fascinating and illuminating.

I happened to be back in my hometown for a visit not too long ago.

One of my best childhood friends went into the heating and cooling industry straight out of high school. I guess it really wasn’t all that surprising given his proclivity for being mechanically gifted. This was the sort of kid who would rather be inside the central air conditioning of his home dismantling an old clock or some other machine. He just was so curious to understand how things worked. So when I went off to college, my buddy began a dedicated apprenticeship in the HVAC business. My friend actually started working for one of the local HVAC companies. This was a heating and cooling outfit that had been around for a very long time and had the best reputation in town. Well, it had been more than a decade since I lost saw my friend. So when I was in town to see my mom, I asked if I could ride along with him one afternoon. While not as exciting as maybe riding along with a cop, it was nonetheless so cool. For one, it was great to catch up with my childhood friend. But I also got a lesson in how amazingly beautiful the HVAC technology is that makes the heat pump work. I also got a firm understanding of how dedicated HVAC technicians are to their craft. My buddy is continually learning, training and implementing new skills when it comes to his heating and cooling work.