Good habits improve HVAC savings

I can’t believe that this winter is already nearly over. It feels like yesterday that I was welcoming October and the end of the severe heat season. While we still need a bit of air conditioning into October, the days of the summer blast furnace are generally done by then. That’s when the good stuff starts when it comes to weather and the utility bill. If you live in this sort of region where the heat pump is king, it’s generally all about the air conditioning. That’s why I hate to see the winter go. I love the winter for the weather, the temperature, the holidays and the utility bills. Actually, I enjoy opening the utility bill during the winter months. Since the heat pump is generally silent in the winter, the heating costs are negligible. But now that we are creeping up on March, that’s all about to change. Additionally, we will be changing with the seasons and welcome back our good HVAC habits. When it comes to saving as much as possible on cooling costs, one has to have great habits when it comes to HVAC equipment. Those good habits are all aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the HVAC unit. Whether it’s being sure that the house is sealed tight or simply pulling the shades to stop direct sunlight heating, good habits are important. Otherwise, the air conditioning costs can get out of hand pretty quickly. The best habit in our house is maintaining consistent thermostat setting discipline. Instead of bumping down the thermostat, we break out fans. If we maintain our good HVAC habits, we save hundreds on air conditioning costs.


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