HVAC change helps boost the immune response

When it comes to taking care of myself, I’ve never been too concerned.

And that’s exactly the wrong way to be when it comes to one’s body.

I don’t know but I just sort of ignored some pretty basic elements that are part of good living. Instead, I worked far too much and spent more time in the commercial HVAC of the office than in my own air conditioning. I love what I do for a living and it takes a great deal of effort and focus. But there has to be a balance and I learned that the hard way. You simply can’t spend decades on your butt inside the heating and cooling office and home. There has to be some consideration for health, wellness and life balance. I changed my ways once I got really sick. My body finally just rebelled and I came down with pneumonia after going too hard for too long. It was the sickest I’ve ever been. And I was out of the zone controlled HVAC of the office for nearly a month. But in that month, I made a vow to reverse course and make my health a priority. Interestingly enough, the HVAC equipment in my house is helping me do just that. When it comes to respiratory health and immune response, the heating and cooling equipment are helping there. I have installed a HEPA filter to replace the cheap air filters I used for the HVAC equipment. Now, I have an air filter that is cleaning the air by removing nearly all of the indoor air contaminants. It’s made a measurable difference in my respiratory health which in turn has boosted my immune response.

a/c workman