HVAC contractor handles surprise I missed

For sure, I was really eager to end my time in apartments and become a homeowner.

And in my haste to get out of my apartment and into my new place, I missed a key heating and cooling problem. I knew that the central air conditioning wasn’t up to date and that I’d be needing new HVAC equipment. But I sort of blew it when it came to the ductwork. When I was in the midst of buying my house, I was hurrying because my lease would soon be up. So I was trying to hurry things along. There had been a home inspection done prior to the sale. And it came back with a litany of items that would have to be addressed. However, I knew that this place was going to have to be a total work in progress for a long time. But I was willing to do that to get out of apartment life and start building some equity. So all I was trying to do was get the place livable first. Then, I would address all the other items that would need renovation. So I started with what I thought would be just an upgrade to the heating and cooling equipment. But when the HVAC contractor did the inspection on his first visit, it was clear that the ductwork was shot. I was surprised by this and ended up seeing that I missed this on the home inspection report due to my haste. But this HVAC professional totally had this surprise covered. He was able to save my HVAC upgrade budget by putting in a ductless multi split system instead of replacing the ductwork and the HVAC unit.

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