HVAC upgrade adds value

It’s hard to believe that we ended up getting 27 years out of the old heat pump.

That’s even more amazing when you consider that it was not exactly top of the line heating and cooling equipment.

When we bought this house, we were young and had just started a family. Getting out of our apartment was the key for sure. We wanted to raise our child in a home. But we were still early in our careers and weren’t exactly bringing home the big bucks. It took all of our savings just to get the downpayment together. The seller was not willing to budge on stuff like the HVAC unit or the appliances in the kitchen. So we were able to negotiate the price down a bit which was nice. And we just hoped that the HVAC equipment would hold on for as long as possible. Well, we got about 2 years out of it. When it failed, we had to go with the sort of HVAC unit that wasn’t all that expensive. But we did make sure that it got seasonal HVAC maintenance every year once it was installed by the HVAC professionals. I have to say that the HVAC maintenance certainly did its job. We were hoping to maybe get 17 to 20 years out of that heat pump. And it lasted 27 before we had to replace it with the latest in residential HVAC. Yet, that has also sort of worked out perfectly timing wise. Our youngest is out of college and on her own. So all of our kids are good and the option of selling the family home is real. By adding the best HVAC technology and the very latest in residential HVAC to our home, we significantly improved the value of our home.

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