I like having my own HVAC

It’s funny these days that I’m finding so much comfort at home where I once had to fight for any when it came to heating and cooling.

This was due to the fact that I happen to be the only guy in the house.

And apparently, all the ladies I live with have a much different internal thermostat than I do. I guess I just run a whole lot hotter than the rest of my family. During this time of the year, I’m always trying to lower the thermostat setting a bit in order to save some money on heating costs. But man, do I ever hear it from the rest of the household. I mean, they can all tell when I move the thermostat even a degree during the winter. Or I’ll hear someone yell about the gas furnace going off the second I lower the thermostat setting. But that’s all different now that I have my own HVAC equipment. No, I’m not living on my own these days but I do have my own space after all these years. I think the pandemic showed me that dad needs to have his own space if I’m going to make it through to see the girls off to college. So my buddy and I worked for a few months at converting a part of the basement. This part now has walls, a door, a big screen TV and a ductless heat pump among other amenities. It’s actually a pretty cool lounge place to hang out. And having my own ductless heat pump allows me to get all the quality heating and air I want and on my terms.


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