Winter starts early in the middle of September sometimes

Everyday the guy at the heating place where all of us work gives us the tasks that we have to do each day.

Sometimes for high priority tasks, the manager calls us on the evening before so we can get started and go right to the job site.

The boss assigned me to a high priority test last week plus my friends plus myself decided to go to take care of the issue. The reason that the two of us were working on the modern commercial heat pump installation is due to the fact that we are the ones in the company that have the most amount of knowledge on commercial heat pump design. The commercial company had a previous heat pump that broke down and we were attempting to make a repair. Unfortunately there was nothing that we could do to help the unit. My friend plus myself needed Modern Heating installed and it was actually not early for us to interfere with the hospital. I studied the blueprints from the hospital and found out that there were some good positions for the heat pump. The dealer had the equipment delivered right to the office and then the next day I took things over to the hospital so my buddy in addition to myself could complete the installation job. Although it took two days to complete all of the work for the client, all of us were done with the upgrades and things turned out much better than we expected. The commercial business owner was happy with the heating, ventilation plus AC service.


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