A revelation on heating and cooling systems

I hate change.

This has been something about myself that I’ve wanted to change for a long time.

But there is safety and security in structure so I tend to stick to routines or known quantities. That’s one of the reasons it took me so long to come around to new HVAC technology. I grew up inside a condo that didn’t have the sort of quality heating plus air that we tend to take for granted these afternoons. We got our heating from a pot bellied stove, fueled by firewood. Luckily, I grew up in the South, so we didn’t have a large demand for heating. But, when summer arrived, it was rough. Those summers were tough to deal with since my associate and I had no cooling system. But it also didn’t kill me. So when I became a homeowner, just having a central cooling system was a large HVAC replacement. And ever since, I’ve resisted getting too much HVAC technology, because I felt it was unnecessary. However, a visit to our son’s home had changed all that for me. He has the latest in residential heating and cooling. There is the zone-controlled HVAC system, which provides six heating and cooling zones in his home. The SEER rating for the heat pump is nearly many times mine which also means it’s vastly more efficient. But it was the smart thermostat that I was so taken with. I care about this thing, and am looking forward to having the professionals come out plus install a smart thermostat for us.


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