Calling for HVAC maintenance

I appreciate the fact that technology helps me keep my life on track.

I’m closing in on 50, and have never been good at keeping some parts of my life all that organized.

When I’m inside our climate-controlled office, I’m hyper-organized and professional all the time. Unfortunately, that sort of awareness fades once I’m back inside the central cooling system of home. Once I’m home, I tend to focus on just relaxing, recovering from the day and getting ready for the next one. So having technology that helps me with household responsibilities is an appealing gift. Before this technology, I was a note guy. I would have Post-It notes all over, in hopes that I’d remember to do certain chores. But technology has changed all that. Those sticky notes are rare now. Instead, I just add information to my calendar. That ends up getting applied across my devices. Like this morning, I got a reminder to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer. We’re getting toward the end of February plus that means it won’t be long before the hot plus cold temperatures climb. That’s why I try to make the call to the Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals this time of year. I like getting a cooling system tune up done, so I’m ready for the heat and humidity when they return. Proper HVAC maintenance to ensure the equipment is in good shape in time for the summer cooling demand. And a cooling system tune up also ensures the heat pump is running at peak efficiency, which is important.


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