Flying again with HEPA filters

It’s not as bad as I was thinking it would be. But still, I’m not all that into flying commercially any longer. I enjoyed flying when it was comfortable and generally more reliable. But for the last couple of decades, flying has become anything but enjoyable, so I didn’t miss it when I was stuck inside, dealing with the recycled air of my home’s central air during the pandemic. My company shut down our offices with the zone-controlled HVAC and sent us home to work, but additionally, I was grounded plus had to crank the quality heating plus air of our car in order to get out plus do business with our buyers. While driving around to buyers took more effort, it was pleasurable plus I didn’t dislike it. So that’s why I chose to drive to meet with buyers, then I might run into heavy traffic but our trips are never suddenly canceled. And the cooling system in our car is regularly good, then that’s not true for most of the flights I’ve been on. Unfortunately, that characteristic of flying has continued. The first thing I felt when I got back on a plane was a lack of quality heating and air. I just felt packed in with not enough cooling system. However, I was pleased to know there were HEPA filters on the plane. HEPA filters remove more than 99-percent of all airborne contaminants. So, at least the indoor air conditions of our flight had improved since I last boarded a flight for business.

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