The campground had portable showers.

My daughter has been traveling the United States for three years now.

She and her partner bought an RV and they send me a postcard every time they stop.

This last campground they stopped at didn’t have any sewage hookup, but they had already made the reservation. Lucky for them, their camping area boasted full restrooms and showers. They also had portable shower containers. My daughter said she had heard of portable showers, but she had never used one. Supposedly, portable shower containers had private bathrooms and a shower stall. Not being able to use the shower and bathroom in their RV, they were excited to know they had a portable shower container near them. My daughter said it was more convenient to use the portable shower container than walk to the public showers and bathrooms. Once she checked out the portable showers, she said she was going to look for only campgrounds that had portable showers. There was a private bathroom and a shower stall with a curtain pulled across. She didn’t need to be where other people were walking around naked and you could smell their body odors. That wasn’t for her, and is why she and her partner bought an RV; they could have a private bathroom of their own. I don’t know if I could travel the way she does. I enjoy having my own home, and knowing where I’m at. I want to have the privacy of being on my property, and if someone comes onto the property, I can chase them away. I guess you can’t be a private person when you live in an RV.

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