Hotels should have proper A/C

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that had excruciating heating or a/c? I have a few times while traveling on business.

It is not a nice thing let me tell you that! It makes your stay easily uncomfortable.

As a matter of fact, I can remember one of the times I had to stay in a hotel that had excruciating a/c. What I ended up doing because it was so excruciating and I was there on business, was I went out to a local store and bought a portable a/c plan to run in my room. I could not leave the hotel plus go and find another because the supplier I work was paying for it. But with the portable a/c plan I was able to get by plus it was all ok. I have known others who have stayed at hotels with excruciating heating plus a/c. And they all said pretty much the same thing. Some did what I did plus bought either a portable a/c plan or a portable space furnace to make it have somewhat indoor comfort. I really guess hotels need to keep on top of things in order to keep people paying to stay there cheerful. It can eventually deliver a hotel a bad name if they consistently have excruciating heating or a/c. You never know how that can affect things. So if you are a hotel management person reading this, I would seriously make sure your heating plus a/c is working great!


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