I expect the local business to open pretty soon

I am feeling incredibly sore this afternoon from playing two beach volleyball matches the other night.

This pro player was finishing up his teaching with two players as well as asked if I was trying to enjoy a few games.

My associate and I played two games as well as won both of them, which was pretty sweet seeing that I haven’t played for about six months. He is a genuinely awesome player as well as usually wins his games regardless of his partner, but the guys my associate and I played against were very talented players as well. I did pretty well considering my skills are somewhat dusty right now. Heating as well as A/C equipment cleaning as well as repairs has been keeping me busy for the past six months, with the local business piling a lot more labor on my plate than I normally have. I am perfectly fine with that because I needed to take a short break from playing ball as well as allow my knees to heal some. I went to the local supplier a few months ago as well as they did an MRI on my knees as well as told me the cartilage is pretty much all gone unfortunately, which was also due to the fact that I’ve been resting as well as working on radiant heated floors for many years. I was also a skydiver as well as my body took a great deal of abuse from swooping down to the ground in my parachute, gravity hurts for certain! Working on ductwork in attics also required a lot of bending down, as well as carrying heat pumps up and down flights of stairs also did a number on my old knees. I just need to let them rest as well as I’ll be fine moving forward.

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