Adding a ductless system to improve home comfort

My family used to always argue over the thermostat setting.

My husband prefers to set the temperature at around seventy-six degrees, which left me constantly overheated and sweaty.

I like conditions much cooler. With a conventional heating and cooling system, it was impossible to please everyone. The one thermostat controlled the entire home. The room where the thermostat was located was perfectly comfortable, while other areas of the house might be overheated or chilly. Because of the age of our home and HVAC system, we weren’t able to upgrade to zone control without replacing everything. The project was simply too expensive and disruptive. We ended up investing into a ductless mini split system. There is a single outdoor component that is linked to multiple indoor air handlers mounted up high on the walls. Since each one features its own thermostat, we’re able to target specific areas and avoid heating or cooling empty rooms. Adding the ductless system has saved us a considerable amount of money on our monthly energy bills. The ductless mini split includes inverter technology which adjusts the output to maintain desired temperature while using the minimum amount of energy. During the summer, the ductless unit operates very much like a conventional air conditioner, pulling heat out of the indoor air and transferring it outside. In the winter, the system reverses operation, pulling ambient heat from the outdoor air and delivering it indoors. The components are designed specifically to operate in low outdoor temperatures. It can maintain full heating capacity down to single digit conditions. The process is especially clean, safe and energy efficient. Plus, a mini split system helps to remove moisture from the air for effective humidity control.


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