Radiant flooring is the best heating system

I think that one of the most advantageous heating opportunities is radiant flooring. This type of system provides unique benefits that other options simply can’t match. Hydronic heated floors start with a boiler that is typically installed in the basement. Boilers operate quietly and because of few moving parts, tend to be especially long-lasting. By using water to convey heat energy instead of air, the system is especially clean, energy efficient and effective. Water heats up faster and retains heat longer than air. The boiler sends the heated water through a closed loop system of pipes concealed under the floor. The equipment takes up no living space, doesn’t require furniture to be arranged around it or detract from aesthetics. Since the process uses the same water over and over, there is no chance of contaminants getting drawn in and spread throughout the home. This type of heating is recommended for those who suffer from asthma attacks, allergy symptoms or respiratory sensitivities. It provides very clean and gentle comfort and won’t dry out the air. The heat spreads evenly across the floor, warms up all objects that touch the floor and infuses heat into the air. There are no cold spots, no drafts and minimal stratification. The temperature anywhere in the room will never be more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Another benefit is the easy setup of zone control. With heated floors, each room features an independent thermostat and can be adjusted to a customized temperature to satisfy occupancy, requirements or preferences. Modern smart thermostats automatically adjust to a programmed schedule and offer access through an app on the smartphone.

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