Installing a ductless mini-split A/C to our RV camper

When my husband and I bought our RV camper, my friend and I had yet to learn about the various upgrades we would have to make that would help with indoor comfort, and my superb friend and I only got a more precise image of what we would need to do when my friend and I met another RV camper with everything, including a quality Heating & A/C unit.

  • My superb friend and I did not have an Heating & A/C upgrade in our camper yet, but the weather was still comfortable, and my friend and I had not started traveling somewhere we would need air conditioner, but the other campers had bought their ductless mini-split at the local indoor comfort contractor where they came from and had it installed by an air conditioning system professional from the same dealer.

My superb friend and I had to check whether our local cooling company needed what my friend and I needed and whether an air conditioning system worker could install it correctly, then unfortunately, they did not have it, but the neighborhood next to ours had it, so I had to schedule a day and drive there for the cooling specialist at that contractor to install it for us, i did not even know my friend and I needed a digital temperature control to help the component run efficiently, especially since we would be using solar and battery power. It sounded complicated, worse than when we would had to understand how the electric heat pump my friend and I installed in our house worked, however finding an air conditioning system repair once my friend and I started moving wouldn’t be difficult, especially if my friend and I encountered an unexpected problem. At least my friend and I knew that my friend and I could schedule an air conditioning system tune-up, search for somewhere to get it done, and then travel there. My superb friend and I have been superb with the component since it was installed, and we have met more RV campers with superb ideas on how to care for the unit, which has been helpful.


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