Cutting my fingers on air purification filters

I may go to the doc’s office next week plus see if they can shoot this tennis elbow pain with some cortisone so I can be done with the pain for good.

I haven’t had a shot in that elbow for twenty years plus can do two more if I need it, plus right now I need it. The last time I went in the office they looked at it plus shrugged it off as something temporary, which was three years ago plus it still hurts. I will explain to them that the pain is not going away with cooling plus heating cycles like they told me to try back then, and i used ice on it plus then a heating pad several times however the pain is still there plus seems to be getting worse. I put some cooling gel on it this day plus it helps a bit however I genuinely need the local business to provide me a shot of cortisone so that I don’t have to mess with it anymore. I think I can get in there next week plus then I am going to focus on my teeth plus getting them cleaned plus fixed up a bit. The local business near me had the same tooth complications plus got them fixed at this local business plus she told me they did a wonderful task of whitening them, which is something I need to get done as it has been years since getting them cleaned plus whitened. I will labor at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier this coming week plus labor on that appointment.