I'm not cheerful with this portable cooling system

The inefficiency of a portable cooling system is built into its design

Some of the high quality device that has featured on television genuinely isn’tas high quality as they say, however i hated the special sideways power drill that I bought on a whim one afternoon. It basically allows you to get in at odd angles instead of going straight with the normal power trip, and needless to say, it’s not a absolutely wonderful tool. I’ve learned that if you want to get wonderful tools you need to go to a hardware store, but buying them off infomercials from television is never going to result in a wonderful solution! That’s as long as you are using your tools for actual work and not just buying them to look at them. But this isn’tthe only example of something that I bought off television that inevitably disappointed me beyond belief, then another thing that I recently bought that has going to go in the garage for storage is this portable cooling system. I thought a portable cooling system would be better than a window cooling system, but they’re actually worse. They take chilly air from inside the condo and blow it outside just to cool the hot compressor inside the portable cooling system itself. If the portable cooling system had its compressor outside, it wouldn’t need to waste chilly air just to keep it from overheating. The inefficiency of a portable cooling system is built into its design. That’s why I would rather use a window cooling system if I had the choice. Periodically window cooling systems are cheaper too, so that has why I would rather stick to using those because I know they work.



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