Excited for a new heater filter

This week is Friday and I am a bit sore from playing hobbys last night, although I did have a lot of fun so I have to weigh that into the equation of my pain, but periodically you need to expect some pain when you have a lot of pleasure like my pal and I did last night playing ball in the sand with tunes and a bunch of friends. Tonight I switch gears and will play drums and sing with my bandmate, possibly with a 3rd tunesian but my pal and I aren’t sure yet if he will join us; My good friend and I met this guy at the heating corp last year and now he is back from his trip dwelling and will be here working at the Heating and A/C supplier and maybe playing with us. I feel my pal and I are going to play in this spot by the church with very good acoustics so that my pal and I can play without a sound system, as the cops keep stopping us from singing in the streets with amplified sound, oh no! The heating and cooling system by the church is located on the opposite side my pal and I will be playing on, so the noise from it won’t be an issue while playing our songs. My good friend and I also have a very good view of the sea from that spot and will play there as long as the money keeps rolling in. My good friend and I make good money in tips and it pays for new heater filters and HEPA filters for my robot vacuum cleaner. There is a nearby town where my pal and I can make more money and my pal and I may go there tomorrow.

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