Her son kept asking the heating and AC expert numerous questions

He would try to explain what he was doing in the best way for a 6 year old to understand

Eve was in a hurry to get to her son’s school, but she was running late. It seemed there was a bad accident on the road, and this caused so much traffic. So, she was forced to call the school and explain why she’d be late. Her son’s teacher got the news and went to fetch him from the pick up area. He explained that mom was running later, so they’d stay in class and do some coloring. Eve loves her son’s teacher because he is so engaging with his students. He’d managed to explain the situation in a wonderful way, and her son was busy coloring when Eve finally arrived at school. It was Friday, so the next day was Saturday and they were both at home. Eve wanted to go to the store to buy groceries, but she’d do that later. She had to wait for a heating and AC expert to come by and do some maintenance. It was spring, and soon they’d be facing the high summer temperatures. Eve wanted to make sure her cooling system was in the best condition. The days were getting warmer, so she’d soon need to turn the unit on. As the heating and AC expert was working, her son followed him around asking all sorts of questions. He was so patient with him and gave him an answer to each question. The guy reminded Eve of her son’s teacher. He would try to explain what he was doing in the best way for a 6 year old to understand. And he even showed him how to change an air filter.

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