My acquaintance alerted me to my Heating disaster

I’m entirely blessed to have a nice acquaintance next to my house… Unlike some neighbors I have had in the past, my new acquaintance is a entirely nice guy, then when I first moved into this house, she invited me over for a barbecue the first week, however she even wanted me to come watch a pigskin game with him while drinking craft beer, then needless to say, my buddy and I immediately hit it off as close friends! I feel like she issomebody that I can confide in if I’m having troubles with my marriage.

I can tell him about an confrontation I had with my partner & she does not judge either one of us; My partner thinks she isa fantastic girl too.

He’s also watching over her household when we’re not here to make sure that things are the way they are supposed to be! Recently she alerted us to a problem that my buddy and I were even remotely aware of, apparently there was a noise developing in our Heating & A/C condenser unit outside. She said she started to hear a little hum develop over the course of numerous weeks & then while my buddy and I were on trip it started to rattle, that’s when my buddy and I called the heating & cooling contractor & gave them permission to work on the Heating & A/C system while my buddy and I were gone. Thanks to our neighbor, they were able to find the problem with the compressor before it burned itself out. That meant the service was a lot easier to do & it didn’t require replacing the entire compressor. We’ve had that happen before & it’s a lot of money if you are not under warranty.

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