How much does an HVAC technician get paid?

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. One of the most pressing questions for me, was how much the jobs pay, and how long would I need to go to school to get the education. I had already ruled out being a doctor or a lawyer, because I didn’t want to go to school for a decade or more. I thought about other careers I could take up that would make me a lot of money, but they all required going to school and years of training. After writing down all the careers I could think of, I finally wrote down being an HVAC technician. I was sure they had to get paid decent money, even if it wasn’t on the same scale as a doctor or lawyer. I heard you only had to go to school for about a year to get your HVAC certification. After a year of apprenticeship, if it’s required, and getting paid while doing the job, you get promoted to being a master HVAC technician. If you’re a master of anything, I was sure it meant you were going to get paid really well. Some of my timeline may have been a bit off, but I wanted to do little work to get a profession, and not need to work hard to get paid well. I was in for a big education. I not only had to work hard, but I didn’t get near the money I wanted. I love being an HVAC technician, but getting rich in ten years is never going to happen.



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