The air conditioning came on, and the lights blinked.

I kept telling my husband there was something wrong with the air conditioning unit, but he didn’t notice anything..

He worked the night shift, and that was when things glitched.

The lights would blink and dim every time the air conditioning unit came on. You didn’t notice it in the daytime, because we didn’t have the lights on, but at night, it was noticeable. I knew it had to be electrical, and it scared me that we could have a house fire while he was at work. I called the HVAC company hoping my husband would notice the blinking lights before they arrived. My husband called off work one evening, because he wanted to use up some of his vacation time. He was in the basement when the air conditioning turned on. He asked if I noticed the lights dim and I told him the air conditioning unit turned on. I also told him I had called the HVAC company. He told me to call an electrician and have them look at the electrical system. Finally, he had seen what I had been talking about for the last couple of weeks. He wouldn’t be making a fuss when he saw the bill from the HVAC company or the electrician. When I made the phone calls the next day, he told me to try to make the appointments with the HVAC company and the electrician when he was home. He gave me a list of the days he planned to take off, and said any of them would do. The other days were for us to take off and go somewhere nice.

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