The HVAC tech was a bladesmith in his off time.

Our local HVAC technician was an odd duck.

He barely talked when he was at the house, other than to tell me what was wrong with the HVAC system.

My neighbor agreed that he was a bit strange. She knew his wife, and she said he was always in the garage working, when he wasn’t working for the HVAC company. I didn’t know him or his wife, but I had to agree he was a bit strange. One of my favorite television shows to binge watch is Forged in Fire. I was watching the show, and it shocked me to see our local Hvac technician as one of their guests. He was talking about where he came from, and what he did when he was forging. When he told them he was an HVAC technician, one of the guys asked if he had an air conditioned forge, and he simply said nope. He got into the final two on that episode, but I didn’t get the chance to see if he won. My kitchen timer was calling to me. The next day, I forgot all about the television show and the HVAC technician until the air conditioning quit working. I called the HVAC company and was given an appointment early the next morning. When the HVAC technician arrived, I realized he was the same man I saw on television. I could barely hold my excitement until he was finished repairing the air conditioning unit. I wanted to know if he had won on Forged in Fire. Who knew the HVAC technician was a bladesmith in his off time?

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