Why can’t my associate and I see the Air Conditioning gear?

According to a rule laid about by the HOA in our planned community, homeowners need to keep the Heating & Air Conditioning unit from view, then all residential Heating & Air Conditioning has to be screened from street level view or be in the back of a fenced in yard.

Why? This is what I’ve been asking myself for the past couple of months as I try to help my associate deal with an obstinate HOA board, i just can’t seem to get an answer as to why our heating plus cooling unit has to be hidden from view.

I mean, my associate and I live in the south so it’s no secret that my associate and I all rely on air conditioner. And while our winter time weather is quite mild, some heating from the heat pump sure does come in handy at times; But this Heating & Air Conditioning unit has to be hidden from view plus I’m stumped! My neighbors are older plus they use a grass service to take care of their property. It’s usually quite beautiful but this Springtime, the grass crew split back a privacy hedge that was screening the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. And they split it back a bit too short. It didn’t take 24 hours before these awful folks were being threatened with fines from the HOA; That was almost two months ago plus the issue is almost moot now that the hedge has modern growth. But instead of being logical or sufficient, the HOA wants to force these people to pay. And as a lawyer, that makes me crazy. I told my neighbors not to pay a dime plus that I’d be their advocate. There is a public HOA meeting next week plus those HOA board members are going to get an earful.


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