Heated flooring is the best

Josh always states that he is super impressed with today’s central heating and AC units. They are better quality than the central heating and AC units of even 13 years ago. Heating and AC technology has come so far and has brought so much to the table. Heated flooring and heating and AC zone control (also known as zoned heating and AC units) are two of his personal favorites and truly astound him. Who would have thought that you could actually have heating coming out of your floors all generated from tepid water pipes? That is like a major energy saver. If they’d only make them more affordable, most people would have heated floors and put the energy companies out of business soon. And that would be a fantastic thing with the high cost of energy use nowadays. Then you have heating and AC zone control or zoned heating and AC units. This is where you can have varying temperatures with various control units throughout your beach house as if you had a single central heating and AC unit for every single room. But the fact is there is only one heat and air conditioning unit running it. These are high in energy use but are a great thing if you have a beach house that has varying temperatures that indoor temperature control that would be impossible otherwise. The new heating and cooling is simply on top.