It might be the longest heat and AC unit in history

Sherry has had the same central heat and AC unit for almost 27 years. That is way longer than a central heat and AC unit unit is supposed to last. And would think that there’s not one sign of the heat and AC unit dying on her? Sherry is totally shocked by this and so is her independent HVAC contractor that does all the work on the heating and cooling system for her. Every single time she comes around to do a heat and AC tune up and check up she can’t help but be amazed when she thinks about the fact of how old this central heat and AC unit is. A heat and AC system this old should either be finished or holding on for dear life. None of the above applies when it comes to Sherry’s central heat and AC unit. The heat and AC contractor thinks it is because she kept up on all of her heat and AC maintenance over the years. In addition, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C brand that her central heat and AC system happened to be one of the best around 27 years ago when she first purchased it. They just don’t make them like back in the day. And this proves it! And hey, who knows, perhaps her central heat and AC unit will end up in the book of world records as the longest lasting heat and AC unit in history!
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