They just don’t make the same HVAC units like they used to

I’ve had the same central heating and air conditioner for almost 18 years. That’s many more years than a central heating and air conditioner system should last. Surprisingly, there are no signs whatsoever of the heating and cooling system failing? I’m totally flabbergasted by this and so is my independent heating and air conditioner worker that does all the work on my heating and cooling system. Every single time he comes around to do a heating and air conditioner tune up and check up he’s taken aback when it dawns on him how old this central heating and cooling device is. A heat and a/c system this old should either be long dead or at the least be on its way out. None of the above applies when it comes to my central heating and air conditioner unit. The heat and a/c worker thinks it’s because I was always on time with all of my heating and air conditioner service over the years. In addition, the Heating and A/C brand of my central heating and cooling system happened to be one of the best around 18 years ago when I first bought it. They just don’t manufacture them like they used to. And this proves it! And hey, who knows, maybe my central heating and air conditioner will end up in the book of world records as the longest lasting heat and a/c device in history.


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