The clouds came in quickly plus then the rain happened

My boyfriend plus I had to transport last weekend.

The weatherman said that we were supposed to have clear skies, sunny mornings, plus sizzling plus humid temperatures. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to moving in the heat, although I was cheerful that there was no rain in the forecast. My pal and I picked up the moving truck on Saturday morning. My husbandy plus I carefully loaded all of our furniture, clothing, plus possessions into the back of a moving truck. It took most of the morning for the two of us to get everything done. My pal and I stopped for supper around 2:00 in the afternoon. My pal and I were kneeling at the restaurant when I saw the clouds roll in. The clouds came in undoubtedly quickly plus almost went out warning, all of a frightening the sunny skies were dark plus filled with black clouds. Then it started raining hard. The rain continued for more than an hour plus soaked everything around us. My pal and I could not transport anything in or out of the truck while it was raining, because we did not want all of our things to be soaked. My pal and I waited until the rain subsided. The rain certainly changed the temperatures outside. I’m thankful the A/C was already on in our new apartment. It was much more humid after the rain. The rest of the moving morning was miserable, but it was cool plus comfortable indoors. My pal and I finished unpacking all of our boxes plus clothes with plenty of time left over to get a great night of rest before going back to work the next morning.

a/c professional