The hotel room was frigid and icy

My girlfriend and I went to visit her parents.

  • They live up north, about 1300 miles away from our home and the place where my friend and I live.

My girlfriend moved away from condo for college and that has when the two of us met. My buddy and I started dating in our junior year of college and my friend and I moved in together before our senior year of college, however both of us had graduated and found tasks and both of us decided to stay where my friend and I were. My girlfriend honestly wanted me to meet her parents, especially after I finished making the question. Would you send it to take a one week trip to see her folks and her old friends. Since it was going to take 20 hours to drive, my friend and I decided to make the trip in 2 days. My buddy and I drove half of the distance the first day and half of the distance the second day. My buddy and I stayed in a hotel room so my friend and I didn’t have to sleep in the car. The bed in the hotel room was truly comfortable and the shower was clean with plenty of hot water. The only problem was the fact that the hotel room was frigid and icy when my friend and I arrived, no one bothered to turn on the boiler and it was only about 60 degrees in the room when my friend and I arrived.. The wall-mounted boiler was off when my friend and I entered the room and it took about an hour for the room to get to a temperature that was warm enough for us to take off our jackets. It stayed pretty warm after that initial heating.

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