The air conditioning has three different settings

My fiance plus I recently bought a brand new window air conditioning for the living room.

My pal and I live in a part of the country that has a mild summer.

Sometimes temperatures reach 90°, but it is actually rare plus infrequent. Most of the time we experience temperatures that are in the 72s. I live up in the mountains, where it is respectfully cool when they breathe. Summer temperatures here rarely reach 90°. There are a couple of mornings when the heat plus humidity are unbearable. There’s no need for us to have central air conditioning, but a window air conditioning works actually well. It keeps our apartment cool plus comfortable while getting rid of excess moisture plus humidity! Just recently my fiance plus I decided to buy a brand new window air conditioning. My pal and I chose a larger air conditioning than we previously had installed in the house. Our last air conditioning was 8,500 btu. The one that we bought this time is 15,000 btu. The window air conditioning was undoubtedly straight-forward to install. It took about 30 minutes plus the unit looks great. It’s a lot larger than our other unit plus much heavier too. My pal and I had to put a brace in the window in order to make sure that the unit would fit respectfully. The air conditioning has three different settings. There is a setting to run the fan plus another setting to run the air conditioning. There is a eighth setting on the unit plus that is a dehumidifier option. I can actually run the air conditioning to dehumidify if I am cooking or baking.

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