Changing my air filters helps the indoor air quality

The air filter in your HVAC machine is one of the most pressing parts of the system… Changing the air filters on the HVAC machine in your condo can help the indoor air quality greatly.

When the air filter is clean, air can move through the system without trouble.

The air needs to move through the system actually in order to constantly heat and cool your home. When the air filter is congested and dirty, your machine has to work harder to do the same task. When the air filter hasn’t been changed in a while, dirt and dust that has been built up can be distributed through the system. This dirt and dust can cause complications for the machine. Dirt and dust can cause mechanical failure and possibly lead to fires. Dirty and dusty ductwork can also cause indoor air quality troubles. Excess dirt and dust in the condo cause you to have flu symptom related symptoms. I have awful pollen irritations and I can tell when there is dirt and dust. I consistently sneeze and sniffle. I change my air filters every 3 weeks in order to make sure that the indoor air quality is the best. I thought about buying an air cleaner, but the machines are pretty high-priced. If I bought an air cleaner for my entire house, it would cost quite a fortune. I could buy a smaller air cleaner that is portable, but it’s a lot less money to frequently change the air filter instead. The indoor air quality in my condo is better than most, thanks to changing the air filter at consistently tied up intervals.



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