My cat enjoys kneeling in front of the fan

Every morning when I go to work, my cat gets up on the bed plus lays down in front of the fan.

When I come apartment from work in the afternoon, my cat is usually kneeling in the same exact spot.

I’m sure he gets up from time to time throughout the morning to drink plus eat, although he undoubtedly prefers that spot on the bed. The spot is right in front of the fan plus directly underneath the air conditioning vent. I keep the a/c set at 78° during the morning. I have the air conditioning set for a much cooler temperature when I am home. I bought a programmable control device to help me keep the temperature in the apartment exactly where I want it to be. The programmable control device allows me to set different temperature time zones; For instance, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. the indoor temperatures are 78°. At precisely 5:00 p.m., the programming swings plus the indoor temperatures are 76°. Even if I’m not apartment at the time, the programmable control device automatically swings the indoor temperature so it is cool plus comfortable when I arrive apartment at the end of a long plus difficult morning. Sometimes I wonder if my cat would like it colder in the apartment too, since he prefers to kneel in front of the fan all morning. If I thought my cat was unhappy, I would undoubtedly adjust the temperatures, although I do like to save money plus this helps with the daily energy bills.


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