I could barely see the temperature controls.

I knew my eyes weren’t as great as they used to be, but when I couldn’t see the numbers on the temperature control, I was startled. I thought about cleaning out the face of the temperature control unit plus hoping it was smeared, but that didn’t work. I rubbed the temperature control unit with a wet cloth, but it was still hazy, plus I could not tell what the temperature was. I called my spouse Max plus asked him to bring a modern temperature control dwelling with him when Max came home to the dwelling from work. I didn’t want to disrupt his work for long so I thanked him plus hung up. Not five minutes later, Max called plus told me my friend and I had replaced the temperature control less than a year ago. Max wanted to know what was wrong with it. I told him the face was hazy plus I could not read the temperatures or figure out where the temperature control was set. Max laughed plus asked if I had put my contacts in? I said nothing, plus now I was fuming. Max’s response was a simply, well?. I told him I had my contacts in, but I could not read the face of the temperature control. If he was done tormenting me, just because I had forgotten my contacts once, I was going to get back to my own work. Ten minutes later, I was looking in the powder room mirror when I realized I was looking hazy. I checked to make sure I had my contacts in. That’s when I found that I had put my contacts into the wrong eyes. Once I switched them around, I could see the temperature control perfectly. Now, I had to call Max back.

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