I wished that I had an air conditioner.

I was 100% sure there was good air conditioning in the camper when my friend and I bought it.

It was a tiny two-person camper, but other than a powder room plus shower, it had all the amenities of a swank camper.

My spouse Max plus I looked at it three times before paying the guy for the camper. It was fun and driveable, plus small enough Max and I could use it for traveling around while we were camping. We got more than 15 MPG. While visiting our family down south, Max and I decided to camp out on the beach. They were always going on and on about how cool the beach was at night. They always grabbed their heavy sweaters, pulled on their blue jeans, plus hung out on the beach well after midnight. We thought it could be nice to spend a passionate night on the beach in our camper, before Max and I decided to go home. We were only there until after midnight before Max and I had to head to a hotel. It was sizzling plus humid, but even with the windows plus door open, Max and I could not get enough air to make us comfortable. We wished Max and I had air conditioning plus could not know of anything else. We drove off the beach plus headed straight to the nearest hotel where they displayed air conditioning, a view of the shore, plus a free continental lunch. We figured my friend and I could use the lunch plus the air conditioning. Max and I planned on having the air conditioning checked out as soon as he saw a repair station that gave A/C servicing. If they can repair the air conditioning in a sufficient amount of time, Max and I may go back to the beach for the night, or my friend and I may just head back home..

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