The hot water boiler is almost as nice as my ductless HVAC

I’ve been making some fluctuations in my condo and that includes a lot of upgrades and remodeling.

One of the first things that I decided to do after moving into the condo is replace the HVAC system.

The condo inspector told me that the HVAC system was not efficient and would need to be upgraded. I got estimates for the heating and air conditioning unit before I actually purchased the house. As soon as I closed the sale, I contacted the HVAC business to install three ductless mini split heating and air conditioning units. Each one of the ductless heating and air conditioning units has a separate control machine so I can have unusual uneven temperatures in unusual parts of my home. I usually keep it cooler in the study room than my home office, because the study room is a much greater space. I was truly satisfied and glad with the choice of the ductless heating and AC unit. The hot water boiler that I purchased this week is almost as nice as the ductless heating and cooling system. I bought an replaced on demand hot water heater. The hot water boiler offers a continuous flow of hot water at all times. My buddy and I don’t have to wait for the water to warm up and waste gallons of water. As soon as I turn on the hot water, there is hot water coming out of the bigot and shower. My buddy and I also have no reserve. My buddy and I can run the hot water for hours and my friend and I will continue to have hot water the entire time.
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