The outdoor temps have been nice for the AC

During the winter months, it is freezing and freezing.

  • My good friend and I rarely have snow in this part of the state, however I can go skiing anytime I want by traveling 2 hours north.

There are about a dozen ski resorts in the mountain range and the elevation is around 5500 ft. The freezing winter temperatures are a nice break from the summer, when my buddy and I have to run the AC every single afternoon. Warm temperatures usually begin in April and they last until September. My good friend and I have a truly long summer time season in this neck of the woods. Before the summer time season, I always make sure to have a full system tune-up performed on my AC unit. I call a business in the town that has flexible and convenient appointment scheduling and repair 24 hours a afternoon. The business does not even charge anything for emergency after hours services. They offer a comprehensive repair special that includes all of the electrical and mechanical parts of the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. Lately, the outdoor temperatures have been entirely nice and it has not been necessary to turn on the AC every single afternoon. It’s only been around 70° and that is a totally comfortable temperature, and especially in June. Last year, it was 105 degrees at this time of the year and I like the break from the heat and humidity. My a/c enjoys the break too. The outdoor times have been entirely nice for the AC unit. I had to turn it on a couple of times last week, however I have not had to turn it on at all this week.

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