Brad contacted the heating and AC business

It’s been years that Brad has lived any way that he wanted to live. That comes with being a bachelor living in the woods alone. Brad has a cute cottage that he built with the help of his buddies. There is a massive wood stove that he uses for heating. Brad is not so far out that he is off the electrical grid so he could have put in central AC. But when he started all this, he was doing his best to walk away from all the conveniences of this modern era. But that was 25 years ago and people change. A big, huge change has come to Brad’s life is he is getting married for the first time. He knows that’s been the best part of the internet age for him. As a bit of a loner, it’s been amazing to be able to attach online with people who are of a like mind. And that’s where he met the lady who is about to be his wifey. He isn’t moving to the city with her, rather she’s moving into his home. So he is trying to make changes that will make her time here a lot more comfortable. He’s replaced the bathroom with a huge garden tub. The home office was completely renovated. And Brad even called the Heating and A/C business. It’s a little late for the central AC. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t have residential Heating and A/C for his new bride. The Heating and A/C specialist installed a pair of ductless heat pumps inside the cottage. And wow, do they ever produce great quality heating and air. Brad is so impressed and he is just glad that his lady can now enjoy some AC this Summer when it gets hot.

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