First time experiencing hydronic heating and heated floors and I loved it

The first time I experienced heated floors, I was super intrigued.

I wanted to learn how they worked and whether they’d burn us, but the temperatures stayed constant.

I grew up in a home without heating because we didn’t need it and had only experienced a heater in my college hostel, which I only remember as a boiler that needed constant boiler repair. Bad experience. My first house had a furnace/heater installation which I never bothered with HVAC maintenance because the property manager handled it. So long as my house kept warm, I had no interest in the HVAC business, and the HVAC repairman was just a person I saw in the heating dealership van that came around the apartment every few months. I was hoping to own a house in a few years when I experienced the heater floors, which I was told was possible from the hydronic heating in the house. The owner told me they also had a hybrid heating system with a furnace and a heat pump as a backup in case heater maintenance failed or repair took too long, and they had clients. I was intrigued by the entire system and how they were working it, and that marked my journey to learning more about keeping a home comfortable. I wanted heated floors, but I also read a lot about them and how they could either be too expensive to maintain or ineffective in keeping the entire house warm. I started with getting to know an HVAC expert, at least because they know more about the systems better than the information I was getting from social media questions and replies. The cost has been the most intimidating in the process, but I’ll keep saving until I can get myself heater floors.

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