I contacted the homeowner immediately after noticing the furnace problems

I went to a residential furnace repair on Friday. The residential furnace repair was for one of our business customers. The guy owns a bunch of apartments downtown. The apartments are located in several different areas. One apartment building has four different units, but another apartment building has 14 units. The guy also owns an apartment building that has six floors and 24 units. I want to help one of the customers in the smaller apartment building. The woman was not home at the time. She left a key for me to get into the apartment. The key was underneath the mat. I was expecting the key to be there, because the owner of the apartment building gave me the information. I was happy to see the key right there underneath the mat when I picked it up. Upon entering the house, I noticed several problematic items. The house was in complete and total disarray. There were dirty dishes and diapers all over the house and the place smelled horrible. I didn’t even want to walk through the apartment to get to the area where the furnace was located. After I repaired the furnace and made sure that it was in top-notch condition, I contacted the apartment building owner. I gave him an update on the repair and I also updated the homeowner with the condition of the apartment. I thought he should visit the place sooner than later. The tenants were treating his apartment like a crack house. I wouldn’t want someone trashing my property and million dollar investment.

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