She wanted to stay away from the central AC of her lake house

You know you have an issue at home when you’re looking for reasons not to go there each day.

Wendy would do extra emails that could wait just so she can linger inside the zone controlled Heating and A/C of the office. Or she’ll offer to do the grocery shopping on the way home for work. Whatever keeps her out of the central AC of the lake house was something she was willing to consider. Wendy even began to wonder if there was something wrong with her marriage. That wasn’t the case at all as she loves that man and can’t imagine being with anyone else. No, her problem with the lake house was the fact that it stinks so bad. It was just awful. And walking in to get hit with that wall of stink was the last thing she wanted to do after putting in a long day at the office. Wendy preferred a longer day inside the commercial Heating and A/C than coming to the lake house to her own air conditioning. Finally, she has found the solution and it was right where she should have been looking all along. But instead of going to seek the counsel of Heating and A/C professionals, Wendy tried to cover up the stink. She’d love to have all the money back that she spent on sprays, scented candles and plug-ins. But she knows that was part of the price she had to pay before she learned about air purification. It was the Heating and A/C professionals who showed her that using a media air cleaner was the only way she was going to solve our problem. They were right though. By trapping and removing the bacteria from the air that was causing the stinks, her home has been transformed.
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